Auto Accident Cases

Atuo accident cases are regarded by many attorneys as simple litigation. In many instances, that stereotype is true, and attorneys may quicly collect a recovery. Hoewver, in cases involving serious injuries or fatalities, insurance coverage may reach its limits, and cases quickly become complicated.

Under these circumstances, many attorneys simply recommend that their clients accept a settlement, although this does not usually maximize the recovery.

What to do if in an Auto Accident

1. Stay at the scene.
2. Call the police, or request that a witness call. It is important not to handle the accident yourself.
3. Render first aid to others involved if you are qualified. Do not move any injured unless their life is in immediate danger.
4. If possible, keep vehicles in their original positions. If necessary, move as little as possible.
5. Stay in your car is injured.
6. Do not admit resposibility.
7. If injured at all, seek medical attention at the scene.
8. Gather information at the scene. Important info includes name, address and phone number of all those involved. In addition, license number and insurance information of all drivers involved is important. Last, take notes about the scene, weather, traffic, and skid marks.

The accident will be investigated by either the responding police officer or a crash unit. These officers will interview all parties and take statements on the accident. In addition, the office should provide all parties with contact information. Once the investigation is complete, the officer will issue a formal report, and criminal charges may be made.

What to do after an Auto Accident

1. Immediately call your auto insurance company to inform them
2. Make a follow up appointment with your physician. Although there may not be any apparent injuries, it is important that the cause of any unseen injuries be determined.
3. Contact your attorney to understand legal rights and responsibilities.
4. Report the accident to the Department of Public Safety.


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Auto Accident Facts

Thousands of innocent people per year are injured in car accidents as a result of the careless driving of others. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, nearly 43,000 people died in car accidents in 2002. More than one-quarter of Americans have been involved in a car accident in the last five years.

Every 13 minutes, there is a death caused by a motor vehicle accident. Car accidents claim our very youngest and our very oldest populations. Americans from the ages of 1-33 are more likely to die from a car accident than from anything else. On the other side of the spectrum, elderly adults aged 75 and up are most affected by motor vehicle crashes.

Life Insurance & Auto Accidents

Most don't even have a life insurance policy that could pay for funeral expenses if the unthinkable happened. Considering the prevalence of auto accidents, it is important that automobile drivers educate themselves concerning auto accidents and the legal options that exist should an accident occur.