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August 14, 2004
Surgeons deficient in washing hands in hospitals, study finds
Many doctors fail to wash their hands when they should, and the worst offenders are those who work in operating rooms or emergency departments. Anesthesiologists were the least compliant, washing up only 23 percent of the times they should have. Surgeons, ranking second from the bottom, had only a 36 percent compliance record of practicing proper hand hygiene. Doctors in emergency medicine complied only 50 percent of the time, according to the report, which is published in this week's issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine...

Feb 8, 2004
Audits would drop malpractice Insurance hikes
TALLAHASSEE -- Could a little-known state office known for challenging utility rates be the cure for what ails Florida's medical malpractice rates? State auditors say yes. In a just-released review of medical malpractice insurance premiums in Florida, auditors say the Florida Office of Public Counsel should become involved in helping set those premium rates...

Feb 8, 2004
ECONOMY blamed for high malpractice rates in Wyoming
A study of medical malpractice insurance in Wyoming over the last 30 years links ... It concludes that the legal system is not to blame for rising premiums that...

Feb. 7, 2004
Lawyers not the cause of higher malpratice rates
"A study of medical malpractice ... Conducted by Americans for Insurance Reform, the report concludes that the legal system is not to blame for rising medical malpractice rates...ECONOMY blamed for high malpractice rates" ...


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