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A database server manages and stores the database within a computer system. The database server is often referred to as the back-end of the computer system and interfaces with the application server (middleware) which links to the front-end graphical user interface.

Database Server -- Single or Cluster

A database server can be integrated with a web and application server on a single physical server or it can be part of a complex cluster. A database server is typically part of a cluster for high volume or complex transaction applications. Within a cluster a database server would be on its own physical server and there may be more than one database server to provide redundancy. Likewise, there would be unique and multiple web servers and application servers within the cluster.

Database Server Software

There are several software programs that are used on a database server. The most popular are Oracle and some version of SQL, such as MySQL, MS SQL, or PostrgreSQL. All these programs allow a database server to function in a client/server environment as a distributed database.

Critical Database Server Issues

It is critical for a database server to be properly configured if it is to be easily scalable, maintained, and backed-up. To achieve this it is best to use engineers that are familiar with the requirements of the database program on your database server. These engineers could be internal IT resources, a hosting provider with database expertise, or a remote database server management company

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