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MySQL is a database software program that supports the Structured Query Language (SQL) , but adds its own unique extensions to create a unique SQL server language. MySQL is typically used with Linux or UNIX operating systems. MySQL hosting is where a database server that uses MySQL is located off site at a hosting company. The hosting company provides access to the Internet and leases the use of the MySQL server.

MySQL Hosting Support

The Internet has substantially increased the demand for MySQL hosting as more companies look to make their databases available to customers, vendors and employees. This also requires that the MySQL server be available 24/7 so the choice of MySQL hosting provider is critical as well. Unfortunately trying to find a MySQL hosting provider that is qualified is difficult.

MySQL Hosting Issues

It is very important you get the database server configured correctly the first time. This configuration will determine how well the database performs, how easy it will be to increase the throughput, and how easy it will be to back-up. To achieve this your MySQL hosting provider must be familiar with the requirements of MySQL. Many hosting providers are familiar with web hosting, but have little experience with MySQL hosting, particularly in complex clusters. A database is much more dynamic than a web site, so your MySQL hosting provider must be technically skilled.

There can be great value to having a database available on the Internet, but only if your MySQL hosting provider can properly configure and maintain it.

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